My Story

Content creation

My Story

professional writing for your blog posts

Having created many websites over the years, one cost that stands out from the rest is by far website content!

You can easily pay $100 – $200 for a single post/page.

We have now put an end to that, averaging around $25 per page, we can provide great quality content, that we use ourselves on our website and help keep you within a budget,

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I’m Dave

About Me

My name is Dave and Ive been an online marketer for over 15 years. I have worked on many different types of online business from blogging, dropshipping, Eccomerce, Social Media Marketing to being an SEO Technician for a professional meda company.

As you can imagine I have learnt alot in that time, made my fair share of mistakes aswell tI may add! 😀

But my stand out successes have occurred when Ive been able to reduce my costs of running my businesses.

When I realised this to be a game changer of succeeding online, I knew I was onto something by creating high quality but relatively low cost content for all kinds of websites.

That how we arrived here today with


SEO Consultancy

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Content Marketing

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