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popular questions

We have 3 packages to choose from 10 pieces, 25 pieces and 50 pieces of content.
We take care of all our content in the same way, all thoroughly researched, all then humanized by writers we hire and then checked for AI and plagiarism. 

The quick answer to this is harmonious! ha

Through trial and error we have created a system where we use AI first to reseach and create the fountain of a solid post/article.

Then we put a human touch to it from dedicated and well training writers to make it suitable for your website and in order to attract readers.

Thats the beauty of harnessing AI. We are unlimited on what subjects or industries we can write on.

Ai helps us research, fact check and this means your content ends up looking more process fail than ever, especially after our professional human touch.

All our content is proof read.


Depending on what package you choose, usually 1 – 2 weeks

If your not happy with your content, which we are certain you will be, just get in touch with the reason and we will put it right.

Smallest package we do is 10 pieces of content

Simply use our contact form

We have various filters in place for this, but the key one is using plagiarism checkers, and more often than not we hit 0% with our processes that we use.

We aim for less than 3% generally, but common text does appear so we have to allow for that. This would never be a problem otherwise.

Yes, What we guarantee is quality content which is hasn’t been highly plagerised, and passes AI detection with the softwares we frequently use.

We also guaranteed in-depth informative content, and with an added touch will make it more humanised.

Watch this space 🙂